IT band issues..I think.

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IT band issues..I think.

Postby cookstarcarolyn » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:42 pm

Hi. I am a newbie at running. I started running a month ago. Started in Nike 5"0's. I have always been a flat shoe kinda gal. I wear vibram shoes 90% of the time..for casual, hiking, walking. The first week of running ( 3 times per week) went well, no issues. Second week in I started getting really sore after my runs on the upper right side of my leg. After a ton of researching,my best guess is it's my IT band. I went and bought a foam roller ( use it daily) and really stretch it out before/after a run. Runs seem to have been going better, pain is not nearly as bad. Then the last 5 runs have been terrible. About 2km into my runs, I am getting a pain on the outside of my knee on my right leg only ( my dominant leg)...thought maybe it was the shoes, so I switched to the saucony powergrid ride 7's. go for a run and low and behold, 2K in and the pain near my knee not the shoes ( thank goodness, cause I love my Nike frees. I have started doing this : Anything else I should/could be doing? I can't give up..I love to run..entered my first 5 K at the end of August..would love to be able to finish the race!!! I run strictly on my local highway if that helps. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: IT band issues..I think.

Postby FishPants » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:07 pm

-try mixing up where you run, the cantilever on the highway may be aggravating your issue
-do the stretch where you lay on your back and make your legs into the 4 and pull your thigh towards you
-there is another stretch you can do where you put your leg up on something about hip height. Put the outside of your ankle down, there should be a soft bend in your knee. Lean forward from the hips and rotate over your bent leg. I don't know that I am explaining this well, I am trying to find the stretch online with no success. It is one that was given to me by my physio when I went with knee pain due to tight IT bands!
-go see a chiro who can adjust your Si joints
-when doing the stretches, it is common that the side where your knee isn't sore is the one that is tighter.

Hope some of this helps :)

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Re: IT band issues..I think.

Postby Avis » Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:45 pm

Welcome to Running Mania! That's good advice form Fishpants. If you are always running on the highway, it's true that the "crown" on the road can really mess with one leg, so try running on other types of surfaces.

As always, follow the usual running advice: don't increase your distances too quickly, etc. As a beginning runner, it's not unusual to experience new pains and twinges. You could also consider consulting a physiotherapist, especially one who specializes in sports and running. Good luck!
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