Cross training at sub 3 hour marathon

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Re: Cross training at sub 3 hour marathon

Postby Christine_Runs » Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:33 am

Hi Ironboy,

I picked it up this weekend, mostly out of desperation. I've been out of running since last Nov due to an overuse injury in my hip flexor area. I started running again very gently (1 min on/ 1 off for 2.5 k loops) and not only did the hip flexor start to flare up but so did a knee injury that is 15 years old. So I'm using their beginner 5 k program and figure if I go at it very gradually within a year or so I should be back to where I was (2:45 ish 25 k trail races).

Basically the idea behind the book is that you run 3 days a week and do certain types of cross training (biking, swimming, rowing, etc) on at least 2 other days (you can do more cross training if need be). The 3 days that you do run are more intense than what the typical runner does. They have plans for Boston qualifying times (the new ones), etc. It is written by a research based institute so they have actually tested this out on a lot of runners of varying ages and abilities. In the world of 'anyone can write a book and present a training plan' I think this plan is actually pretty reasonable and makes some sense to me.


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