Soggy Sunday

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Soggy Sunday

Postby ultraslacker » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:53 pm

It took until today (!) for me to get in my first run of 2018. Not a great start to the year, but work has been crazzzzzy with lots of overtime, etc.

Anyway, I did 10k today in the rain. It felt good when I was DONE. Now I'm showered and warm. :)
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Re: Soggy Sunday

Postby marymac442 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:53 pm

Today was definitely soggy. It really didn’t bother me while we were running, it was that steady drizzle that completely saturated every pore but we only ran about 10k so it wasn’t long enough to get too miserable.

As usual, the cold and clammy grossness happened while we stopped for coffee and then had to head back into the ick for the 15 minute walk home. That is the part I don’t like but I don’t want the crap weather to deprive me of the social part of running.

The circle is coming around again. Yesterday was leader training day in preparation for another year of Sun Run training. I think this is year 12??? for me as a leader. With 5 years before that as a participant. One of the coordinators for the clinic wanted to take a step back so I have been booted up to take over the interacting with the participants role. The other coordinator is continuing in her role of doing all the background organization but I have to step up as head cheerleader. Should be fun?!?

Hopefully we will have another successful year, there is much more competition with several stores offering running programs and the Sun Run program offering more locations. They are reaching the point of diluting the market too much to be able to offer a program with enough participation to give the full social aspect. I am on the fence between wanting them not to ruin our program vs hoping they can just replace us and we can all just return to civilian life. Most of the leaders at our clinic have been doing this as long or longer than me. At some point folks will have to replace us.
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