2012 - the year that was...

Everything about the training process, including programs, experiences, etc.

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Re: 2012 - the year that was...

Postby OLRunner » Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:47 pm

Was doing quite well in training until I had a serious fall in August due to a heaved-up sidewalk. This ruined my fall marathon result, but was glad to even finish.
Then a slip down icy steps in Oct. hampered my recovery.

3395 Km total with a 5 Km, 10 Km, 2 marathons and an ultra done.
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Re: 2012 - the year that was...

Postby Spirit Unleashed » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:43 pm

I had a fabulous year of training. 15 races. The only dns was due to me deciding to go to St Louis rather than Salt Lake City. I dealt with knee problems related to a strained ACL; and massive heel pain. Menopause. But, I continued to walk alot and finished a 12 hour race with 50.6 miles. I maintained my weight for the year.

I was in transition with a move to Houston and a need to re-start my life. Learn my way around an entirely new city, plant and team.

The numbers don't really tell the story. But I finished 2012 with the idea that it was the best year of my life. Not for the actual highs but for the idea that it was so.

Now, 53 is almost gone and 54 awaits. The 1,000 hours of training is over and another 1,000 has been conceived. A pile of new shoes is in the cupboard. Airplane tickets for 2 races are in my bag.

Just go easy. Don't stress the left foot. Don't over do the kettlebells. I relish the time I spend working out. I love it.
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Re: 2012 - the year that was...

Postby Jo-Jo » Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:18 pm

2012 started with my recovering from PF.
2012 was a year where I didn't focus much on training to race...I ran...not as much distance as I've done since starting to run. Did a couple races but just as training runs.
Year was much more focused on helping my parents (my Mom had a bad fall in Spring 2012 that meant more travel to Ottawa to help them out).
Also...more focused on C-Moss this year as I worked to figure out her ear issues...and also figure out the optimal exercise/med combination to help her live a happy life with arthritis. So lots of planning an exercise strategy for her which worked well beause she's now back to lots of long offleash walks in the woods.
All in all a good year exercise wise...just not running wise :D

2013 will be my year of getting back to race shape (assuming all goes well....I'll be honest...my need to spend increasing time helping my parents take first place!)
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Re: 2012 - the year that was...

Postby Dstew » Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:21 pm

A good year.

Returned to running and despite a few aches and pains, no worse for wear. Finished a fun half marathon, a 2nd place age group in a 5 K race and ran my first marathon in over five years. In using the classical approach to training, I built a great base and foundation that has allowed me to start 2013 with a great deal of optimism. I have also been able to put running into perspective and look forward to at least two marathons this year.

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