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Running form

Postby MichaelMc » Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:20 am

I'm almost reluctant to open this can of worms, but here is a video which talks about running form. ... r_embedded

First, the good: the guy is knowledgeable and his comments are very sound.

Now the nits I'll pick in anticipation of any discussion. In the video he is running barefoot, he uses the term "natural running" a lot, he confuses the term "heel striking" and "overstriding", and his form appears slightly adapted to the lack of shoes. I don't find his form to be totally smooth (like Bekele, for example). The guy is a pretty good racer: I have no idea whether he races in shoes, or what he looks like running in shoes for that matter.

In his defense, he makes a point that what part of the foot you land on is not relevant (he is a flatfoot runner) and he's barefoot because it is better to demonstrate his running form, he does not bring barefoot into the discussion much. As I say, the audio portion is pretty solid: if you want to see how you can absorb landing shock he explains it technically, and you'll see he doesn't need his forefoot to do so. One could land forefoot, flat foot or heel first while using the basic principles he talks about: the "bad" example is a runner over-striding.

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