Walkers 2009 Challenge!

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Re: Walkers 2009 Challenge!

Postby taffy » Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:42 am

I used to go walking a lot but have now got some knee problems. I like to take my two dogs for walks when I can. I have just got a mobile broadband deal for my laptop which will allow me to login to this forum where ever I am. Hopefully my knee problems will ease up soon so I can do some serious walking.This is a very interesting forum, keep on walking. :dance: :dance:

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Re: Walkers 2009 Challenge!

Postby KaTyBrown » Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:14 am

Well, can't do much walking outside so with my new NordicTrac 1300 I am really giving my body
a workout. I am up to 13 minutes on the glutes, quads and calves, I do one partial program daily
am building up. It says 30 mins 3x a week but I am so used to walking every day with Tuesdays and
Saturdays off seems to be working out okay. :)
The man in the house is also using it. He has problems with his legs/calves and has found it seems
to be strengthening them. We were at an arena on the wkend and he did not have to hold on to me or
the rails - last year he did. sooo.... :D :dance:

Happy trails everyone! keep it up!

Karen, my 3 Girls' Nana

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