Preparing for a mountain race when you live in the priaries

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Preparing for a mountain race when you live in the priaries

Postby gdultra run » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:39 am

Winter is the busy season for me since I have two kids that Alpine ski race. Although I love it and it allows me to get away from the city and spend my free time in the Canadian Rockies, I have very little time to train for long races that occur early in the season. This week I start to focusmy training for the Eiger 101 this July. I think I have built a reasonable base so I am ready to start hill training and adding distance to my long runs. For the next few weeks I will spend it at home in a prairie city with limited options for hill serious hill training. So before I head to the mountains after the snow starts to melt at higher elevations I will try and prep my legs. What do you do to prep for mountain races if you do not have access to a mountain trail?

Here is what I am doing
Hill repeats at 25 m elevation gain

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Re: Preparing for a mountain race when you live in the priaries

Postby Dstew » Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:30 pm

One workout I would do is 5 K warm up, then 10 stair repeats - I see you are from Edmonton and so if memory serves, there has to be some very good long set of stairs. I would do them very hard to the point where it once happened to me that at the top, someone asked if I needed an ambulance I was so short of breath. You can experience significant improvement in your V02 and is a good strength work out. Also gets your feet up and avoids the marathon shuffle that does not necessarily work as well on the trails. Then do a hard 5 K run just to remind your legs why you did the stairs. I would mix up the hill repeats - some short steep hills and so longer and slower ones. I live in Calgary but I would rarely go into the mountains to train - ran the 5 Peaks series and won two series titles and finished second overall another time. Although it is trail running and getting some altitude work does not hurt, at the end of the day it is RUNNING.

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