Banff Gran Fondo is no more

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Banff Gran Fondo is no more

Postby Dstew » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:13 am

The organization that does the Whistler event and a new multi day event in the Okangan kept saying that Registration for the Banff Fondo and Medio [that I was going to do] would be open soon. They even put up a price list but soon the various deadlines were passing, I suspected something was up. Went onto the site and it was confirmed that Banff event is no more.

I saw that there was declining participation - talking to one person it was you had to stay in two nights to get the special hotel rate and worse, it seemed every single year the course was shortened and/or the ride was halted due to animal activity and paid over $200 for the privilege to do so. I wonder if closing a nice road on Sunday in August with the extra visitors due to the free park passes and what seems to be much more active wildlife near the town site made holding the event no longer feasible. I have the free park pass and with the medio event, I could ride the one really cool road I wanted to ride and not have to stay over night so a relatively cheap bucket or wish list sort of event for me. Thus I have to admit I am disappointed that it was cancelled.

But is this fate, the universe, my destiny telling me the Exterra Du should be added instead. The sprint version is trail run of 3 K, 12.5 K mountain bike ride and 7 K trail run at the Canmore Nordic center?

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