My first Mountain Bike ride and Bike Shops

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My first Mountain Bike ride and Bike Shops

Postby Dstew » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:29 pm

I have to admit that I pulled the trigger a little early on my Mountain Bike. But given that my pimped up version was a one of kind and I got well over $600 in upgrades for less than $400 more over the base model, it was well worth it. I say too early as the mountains are full of snow and so I will "only" be able to ride in the city.

Had some spare time, got on the mountain bike and decided to explore the neighborhood. I live on top of an escarpment that I did not think was too high. As it turns out, the trails are much steeper than I thought and as it turns out, with the wet an mud, a little hairy. Plus I have not ridden a proper mountain bike on a dirt trail for over three decades, my skill level is minimal. In any event, I broke in my bike and my body when I attempt to go up a particularly muddy path as it got steeper. My back wheel started to spin out, I did the wrong thing and next thing I know, the thought that is going through my mind is that gravity was starting to do its thing. As me and my bike started to tumble down the hill - mostly grass, I did manage to avoid any serious damage to myself or bike. Just the scratches on my legs - war wounds and mud on the bike.

Did find some drier paths and after about a half hour of climbing hills, my legs, my back, my shoulders and arms were all quite ready for me to quit and so I did. I was very happy and very encouraged in that muscles I have not been using to use the spinner bike and even the road bike , I used on the mountain bike. One reason I had used to justify the purchase as it was my "cross training" now that my running is going to be much more sporadic and more of a jog, hard jog and occasional run.

Decided I did need real mountain bike shoes. I also needed a few odds and ends so off to two different bike shops. Decided I needed a rain jacket as that will not be an excuse to avoid a ride. First shop I went into, I am looking at a $300 Goretex water proof jacket. A staff member, a little bigger than me said the jacket I was looking at did not work for him as he is a big sweaty guy. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink looking at me. Instead, he recommended the $100 jacket that would work better for me.

Second shop, I am looking at the $210 version of a shoe I was told was a great brand. In fact, was told by one staff member at a third bike shop to go to MEC to buy said brand. I tell the staff member who is clearly a real cyclist what I hope to get. She gets me a very comfortable and well fitting shoe and was shocked to find out she had given me the $140 model.

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