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69.5 kph

Postby Dstew » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:05 pm

New speed record for me today. Mountain bike ride on Thursday afternoon. Way too much eaten at the Keg Thursday night so started to do a 6 K run. Was not feeling that so did some hard hill 30 second intervals and then some sprints on the way home. I love my neighborhood for a number of reasons but one was people out for a walk were shouting encouragement at me. Friday, still feeling a little bloated and so hard spinner bike work out followed by Kettle bell workout. With all of that, I could barely move this mourning. Got a nice massage and although I was moving, it was not too fast. There had been a predication of rain and heavy winds but as I was surfing the net, it was sunny and light winds. I got up and could move and so put my my kit and off I went.

It was going to be a very easy ride but as bad as I legs have felt running, they felt great once I was on the bike. I put the Strava out of my mind as on one longish hill, stayed in a tougher gear just to build power in the legs. By then, the predicted winds were starting to start up. But they would generally be at my back now. Still feeling good so added about 5 K to the ride as I decided I needed to try a very nasty and short downhill. Approaching this hill was nice roads, a slight decline and some wind at my back. I pushed the pedals as hard as I could on the decent and went into a tuck as I was going fast enough I could not really apply any power the pedals.

On one section of the way back, I am over 40 kph, gunning it down hill and there is a nice cross wind blowing. One does not have any choice but to be in the moment for even the slightest moment of inattention could have devastating consequences. Go off the road, move in front a car coming up behind I did not notice, etc, etc. With running, I was numbing my mind pain and/or tedium. With cycling, I am completely engaged with only slight and purposeful breaks. Not to say I do not need or want do engage in something mindless and at times is the best thing for me but right now, cycling just suits my circumstances so much better.

As a side note, my wife was always concerned about how I looked after just about any run I did. More so the longer runs but I could even scare her on a 5 K time trial. Today, she asked what bike did I use. Road I said, Road tomorrow and then Nose Hill on the Mountain bike Monday. I said the plan is 3 or 4 road to 1 mountain. Her response is given how much I spent in my mountain bike, she would hope I would add one more mountain bike ride. Thus one run could be too much but being told I may not be cycling enough.

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